In Corpus Christi there’s one bug that everyone never wants to come across inside their home: a cockroach. Cockroaches are hard to capture and they reproduce rapidly, so it never takes long for these bugs to totally overtake somewhere if they’re not brought under control by roach control right away.

The Kind of Roaches You Can Find In Your Corpus Christi Home

You should be on the lookout for one of four types of roaches. A typical kind of roaches you might find is the American roach, also called the sewer roach, the other types of roaches are Brown Banded roaches, German roaches, and Oriental roaches. The last three are not as common, but still smart to keep watch for.

What These Roaches Look Like and Where You Can Find Them

These roaches all have specific characteristics they can be distinguished by. The American and Oriental roaches are similar, it’s not hard to notice them because they are approximately 1 inch long with coloring that ranges from brown to a dark brown-black. American and Oriental roaches choose to live in spots that are damp and very dark; washing machines, near leaky pipes underneath a sink. The Brown banded and German roaches are only about 1/8th of an inch. They both have a light brownish or tan color. These smaller cockroaches prefer to stay in warmer, dry areas; under the dryer, around your water heater. No matter whatever kind of cockroach you find, when a roach determines it would like living in a place, it will invade quickly if they are not taken care of. The most effective way to deal with these insects would be to call a roach control technician, then you will know for sure that the problem will be correctly handled.

How Your Corpus Christi Roach Control Company Treats For Roaches

The most efficient way to eliminate cockroaches is to have a pest control company treat for them. The best roach control treatment plan is a process with three parts. An in-wall treatment inside of the house, then a spray treatment around the foundation of the house, and finally the problem is treated at it’s source using granules. This process kills whatever roaches may be in your walls, set up a boundary around your home, and then kill the rest of the roaches at their source.

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