An important thing to watch for when you are buying treatments are the labels. Looking at the label will give you all that you, or a professional, will want to keep in mind when using a particular pesticide. The labels on pesticides will include one of three trigger words.

  1. Caution – “Slightly Toxic”
  2. Warning – “Moderately Toxic”
  3. Danger with (poisonous, peligro, image of skull and cross bones) – “Severely Toxic”
These will tell you the toxicity of the pesticide that you are using. It is important for people to recognize that although some pesticides are less toxic than others, they are still all poisonous. These chemicals all are harmful to everyone, as well as, animals, especially if ingested or exposed to the skin or the eyes. Clearly, the greater ranked the toxicity, the more lethal the pesticide, and the worse it is for people. By noticing these signal words, buyers are able to identify what pesticide is the least dangerous but still effective enough to be used for pest control in their Corpus Christi home. Users should never forget to read all parts of the label and follow directions for using pesticides precisely, so that they can avoid any accidents.
If someone is mistakenly exposed to a pesticide, follow the instructions on the bottle, call your local Corpus Christi TX poison control center or call the American Association of Poison Control Centers emergency, information, and prevention hotline at 1-800-222-1222. Or seek medical attention right away.
If it is necessary for you to dispose of previously purchased pesticides, do so safely by searching for toxic or hazardous waste collection day programs or by contacting the Corpus Christi area solid waste management, health department, or environmental agency.

Avoid the hassle and potential hazards all-together by giving your Corpus Christi pest control experts a call. We’ll take care of the problem so you won’t have to.