Termites are a horrible pest to see inside your home. This is a kind of bug that chew through wood, that damage furniture, and most dangerously, that might destroy the foundation of your building and many more important structural features made of wood. And though they can cause a lot of damage without warning, termites are not covered by many homeowner’s insurance policies. This may seem unusual or unreasonable, but it is because differently than a natural disaster a termite infestation can be foreseen and prevented against.

Though you may not think that termites are anywhere close to your house, in Corpus Christi, anywhere that you see trees there is a potential home for a termite. Termites resided in the woods before anyone built houses, and these bugs keep living and thriving off of the wood in trees, and underground in nests eating the roots of trees. Since termites are more present than many realize, it is very vital to to put preventative measures in place in order to protect your home from being infested by these pesky critters.

Over at Bulwark Exterminating we have got the materials and experience necessary to keep you and your house protected against termites. We can help you set up a barricade surrounding your home to keep termites from ever entering it. There is also a bait system that can be put around your home so that if termites do get inside of your residence they will immediately find poison and all of the termites will die before they are ever able to cause any true damage.

Since homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite infestations, it’s a good idea to work to keep them from happening. With any concerns or questions about termites and termite infestations, feel free to ring us today at 361-887-8888, and a professional will be pleased to give you the answers you need.