You don’t want to come into your building and find someone standing on a chair, scared since they just saw a little mouse run across the ground. But mice are quite prominent in Corpus Christi that the probability of finding one in your residence is high. If you find yourself with a mouse problem, you can call Bulwark Exterminating for mice control. We know you don’t want mice in your home, but here are six facts about mice that may give you a new outlook on them.

1. Mice are cleaner than some people

Some people think that mice are really dirty and gross creatures. Really though, mice are very clean. These rodents are very organized, and arrange their belongings into different “rooms.” There is a room for eating, a different area that acts as a bathroom, and an area they use for just living.

2. Mice eat – they eat a lot. They eat up to twenty times every day.

Since they have to eat so much mice search for somewhere to live that is near an easily accessible food source. Because they need easy access to food homeowners often find them running about their kitchen or other living spaces. If they can get food, they will keep coming back.

3. Mouse whiskers serve two different purposes

Mouse whiskers actually serve a purpose, two actually. These whiskers allow a mouse to tell them when there are changes in the weather. Whiskers are also useful because they will tell the mouse about the surface it is treading across.

4. Gymnasts and mice have a lot in common

Mice are actually multitalented and can swim, climb, and jump. Actually, mice have been known to jump approximately a foot up in the air, making it easier to access  food, even food that is high up. So, to keep mice out of your food move food in plastic containers to keep mice from getting it.

5. Mice in love are quite romantic

Boy mice are romantic, and when they find a girl mouse they like they will sing a love song to her! People don’t often know about these interactions between mice since the sounds are incredibly high pitched, too high for anyone to hear. But researchers have done studies about the mating of mice.

6. Mice are also similar to escape artists

Mice can to get through the teeniest spaces. Because mice can go through such small openings, it is difficult to keep mice out of your house. However, you can make it harder for mice to get into your house by filling any outside gaps with silicone caulk and any inside holes with steel wool.

Since you now understand a tad more about mice, maybe you will be a bit more sympathetic to the little critters. Even if not, you now have some insight into the way that mice live. Still, if you discover a mice control problem, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to keep them around. Contact Bulwark Exterminating for Corpus Christi pest control, Corpus Christi mice control, or with any questions regarding mice.