Useful Hints from Bulwark Exterminating for Bed Bug Prevention
We all know that bed bugs are disgusting little pests. Just the idea of having them in your furniture causes hair to stand up on the back of your neck. A Number of commuters are already anxious about traveling, and the fear of picking up these parasitic hitchhikers might ruin your trip. Bed bugs are terribly difficult to get rid of and sadly, they live at favored destinations the world over. And just like you, they appreciate a great meal.

The secret to never getting bed bugs is understanding how to search for, identify, and prevent them. Our bed bug prevention guide by Bed Bug Force NYC highlights some of the primary provisions to take when traveling, how to check your bags when arriving at resorts and when arriving home. But before you check that out, see our noteworthy tips here.

Identifying Bed Bugs
Having the knowledge of what bed bugs look like is the beginning. The main way to identify if there is a bed bug infestation is by looking around your hostel’s bed and mattress seams for black specks that appear pepper flakes. These are the bed bugs feces and it’s a sure sign that there is a bed bug outbreak. Ewwww! Fecal matter! Bed Bugs themselves are flat with a slight elliptical body. They’re also a reddish-brown color and typically no bigger than an apple seed.
Travel Plans
Bed Bugs don’t care if you’re the cleanest human in the world. They’ll go with anyone. Here are some basic tips you should do before embarking on your trip.
Take a flashlight – Useful for inspecting for bed bugs in your hotel room, mattress seams, pillows and bed. They especially like to reside any place that is hidden.
Have a hardshell or collapsible luggage – Hardshell suitcases are easy to cleanse and won’t have seams where they can hide. Or if you have a collapsible suitcase, use it, since it can be easily cleansed when arriving back home.
Bring a large plastic garbage bag (optional) – An additional precautionary measure is covering your suitcase for another level of prevention.
Read reviews carefully – Most every traveler checks the resort’s reviews for its ratings. If you see any reviews indicate bed bugs, that is a red flag and should be taken seriously. Stay away from resorts with reviews that indicate bed bugs. It doesn’t matter if it’s outdated or current. Look for a different hotel.
Look for Bed Bugs
When you make it to your inn promptly take your baggage in the bathroom during the look-over. The bathroom is a safe place to store your bag considering it’s a slippery area with tile that bed bugs hate. Doing this will give you a chance to do a thorough investigation before carrying your bag into the primary room.
Investigate All Areas of Your Room

You’ll need to be as thorough as possible with your investigation of your room. You may also want to drag an old credit or business card behind wood trim, cracks and any other compact corners for bed bug remains, eggs or fecal matter. Other areas you’ll want to check are:

  • Head boards
  • Box frames
  • Night stands
  • Book shelves
  • Mattress pleats
  • Curtain pleats
  • Sheets and pillows
  • Any items that have small crevices and crannies (like alarm clocks)
Keep Luggage Off the Bed
When you’ve determined the area is safe, take your baggage from the washroom and place on a nightstand or desk. Even though you’ve searched you’ll still want to be wary. End tables and dressers have hard surfaces like tile, and it is extremely complicated for bed bugs to scale them. And if you’re traveling with small kids have them hand you their used laundry, so you can properly enclose it in a allocated garbage bag or any other sealed plastic bag.
Search Your Rental Car for Bed Bugs
Those parasitic hitchhikers love being on the move. Which means they can also wind up in your rental car, and get into your baggage before you reach your primary stop. When getting your rental car do a immediate look through of the trunk, interior and tire section. You’ll even want to check beneath spare tires for any remains of prior or present bed bug invasions.
Returning Back to Your Home in Corpus Christi
You should never assume you are coming home to a bed bug free home. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and if you are aloof about the matter you may find yourself being overrun by these aweful insects in just a couple days. It’s advantageous to assume you developed a bed bug infestation and take the following precautions:
Wash all unused and worn laundry in hot water – Just in case you have bed bugs the hot water will eradicate them. Alternately, you can load clothing in those handy space bags, but we advise taking the extra precaution against bed bugs while removing the traveling wrinkles from your laundry.
Inspect Your Bags Outside Your Home

Before taking your luggage into your home, do a detailed look through outside with a flashlight and a keen eye. The last thing you want to do is take a single bed bug into your homestead from not inspecting your suitcase completely. You can even leave the luggage outside andcarry your hamper or clothes basket outside to unpack there. Or if you absolutely want to be sure, go to a laundromat. Don’t carry the newly cleaned clothes in the baggage though. Either way, you will need to inspect all basic parts of your suitcase where bed bugs could be hiding like:

  • Seams and folds in your suitcase
  • Zipper pockets
  • Outside edges or crannies
After you have looked over your luggage use sterile wipes, and/or spray, to tidy them up. Another benefit is, this gets rid of filth from your travel anyway.
Stay Vigilant

After following these basic procedures, and educating yourself on how to recognize and avoid bed bugs, you will be able to travel the world knowing that your odds of importing them back home with you is reduced. Staying vigilant and being diligent in your attempts will ensure you have many safe travels that are free of bed bugs. And of course for any bed bug extermination needs, make sure to reach out to a professional at Bulwark Exterminating for possible bed bug treatment options in Corpus Christi.