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Everyone in Corpus Christi likes summer! Well, apart from one part… it’s when the pests are thriving. But if we are honest, some bugs are okay. Summer brings about fireflies and butterflies everywhere bringing whimsy, beauty, and fun. What really gets everyone upset is the most annoying insect of the summer: the mosquito. For ages people have had difficulty working to keep these pesky critters away, but it seems almost impossible for anyone to leave a barbeque or bonfire without an itchy, swollen mosquito bite. The itchy bite isn’t the worst part, the actual reason that mosquitos should actually cause any anxiety is that they often transmit diseases through their bite and because of this they often keep people from spending much needed time outside. To protect yourself and your loved ones you may need mosquito control around your Corpus Christi home.

We can actually do a lot to help reduce and even prevent the presence of mosquitos around your house. To help you do that, Bulwark Exterminating has gotten a guide together to give you everything you should have about mosquitos, and how to prevention and pest control.

Important Information about Mosquitos
First, you might be questioning, “It’s true, mosquitos are annoying, but aside from that are they truly an issue?” The answer to such a question is YES! Mosquitos are really a worse health risk to a community than any other critter in the world. Many diseases are transmitted by mosquitos, most often in third world countries, however it happens in the US too. In the United States, more people than you might think have developed crazy diseases like Dengue, the West Nile Virus, and Zika, all from mosquito bites. These diseases should be avoided at all costs. Known circumstances of the West Nile Virus lead to fatal neurological disease, Zika may cause birth defects, and Dengue leads to flu like symptoms and can eventually bring about death.

Now that you know about a few of the reasons you should do what you can to not get bitten by mosquitos, you should want to get to know a little extra having to do with mosquitos themselves. Firstly, just female mosquitos bite animals and people. All mosquitos get nutrition from nectar from plants, but female mosquitos must have protein they can only get from blood in order to reproduce. Mosquito eggs are laid in stagnant water. Anything that will hold water for up to seven days is possible breeding ground for a mosquito. While a mosquito breeds, she can lay between 50-500 eggs her first time, which hatch within 1 to 3 days. If these hatch, there will be the issue of potentially 500 additional mosquitos flying around your residence, mosquitos that will breed and make even more mosquitos. Lucky for you, your Corpus Christi Bulwark Exterminating have discoved pest control methods for you that can kill mosquitos, mosquito larva, and even stop them from breeding in your yard.

Corpus Christi Mosquito Treatment and Reduction


The first thing to do to ensure mosquito pest control around your house is to figure out the place the mosquitos lay eggs. In order to eliminate the mosquitos, you have to eliminate their breeding ground. Ideal places for mosquito breeding grounds you will want to check would be practically anything that might hold water, ponds or fountains, flower pots, wheel barrels, bird baths, possibly even rain gutters or holes on a tree that may contain standing water. When it comes down to it, you will want to check anything that could potentially hold standing water for more than seven days. If possible, you should eliminate these places or at least the water within them to deter mosquitos from laying eggs there.


When you’ve identified that you have a mosquito problem, you will want to get rid of the bugs. At Bulwark Exterminating, we provide a two method approach that will relieve your Corpus Christi property of mosquitos. Our approach consists of larvacide mosquito dunks as well as a standard barrier treatment.
Laravaside mosquito dunks are a form of insecticide that target the larva time of the pest’s life. These kill the mosquitos when they are still developing in the standing water after they hatch. The way this works is that a tablet is placed into the water and treats it, stopping mosquito larvae from developing into adults, therefore keeping them from breeding more or ever biting you.

The barrier treatment that we administer is labeled as mosquito fogging. This method deposits a residual product on the backsides of leaves where mosquitos typically hide out and sleep. These products not only eliminate grown mosquitos, but they also are brought by adult mosquitos to breeding sites where eggs have been laid, poisoning a lot of the eggs and larvae at the same time.

Permanent Control

To truly fix your mosquito problem forever, you’ll have to get your Corpus Christi neighbors to help. This is because mosquitos are known to travel up to 5 miles looking for their next meal. If you can get people who live near you to also get rid of all standing water on their property, this can drastically help to keep mosquitos away from your area all together.
For more questions having to do with mosquito pest control in Corpus Christi and how you are able to get rid of them, call Bulwark Exterminating at 361-887-8888 to talk to a professional today!