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Each year a time comes when the critters come back around and are more aggressive than ever. At these times, it’s good to know about some the best pest control services in Corpus Christi. At Bulwark Exterminating, we realize that deciding whatever pest control company is better than the rest might be challenging. Fortunately we have put together some helpful tips telling you how to find the best pest control services in your area.

A good thing to note when comparing pest control companies should be how spray and the kind of spray they use. Some companies only treat with a backpack sprayer, which is really inadequate. Power-spraying is the only sure way that a house can effectively be treated for pests. This kind of a treatment leaves product around the foundation of your home, where it then will be pushed (from pressure from the house) around the soil and rocks, as well as plants surrounding your home. This will take care of the critters that hide around the house.

One other relevant aspect to pest control is granulate, and how it is applied. What power spray does is it places a barrier surrounding your building to make sure the pests closely surrounding your building are exterminated, but this does not actually eliminate the critters at their source. In order to truly get rid of all of the annoying critters you have to poison where their source of food is: the bases of plants and trees. Granulating these areas the right way will be sure to kill any unwanted bugs and keep you from having any incidents where you might end up with them in your building. This is why it is vital to know of a pest control service who uses granules and understands how to apply them the right way.

You also should pay attention to whether or not a company will do in-wall treatments, and if they do them the right way. Pests, if they get inside a house, typically worm a way into the walls of a building. If this happens and pests can form or build a nest, colony, etc, inside of a wall, the infestation is sure to repopulate very quickly. It is important to find and treat these in-wall infestations fast, so remember pest control services that do in-wall treatments. These treatments are done by dusting inside of the walls and placing a product right inside of your walls in order to kill whatever pests might be inside.

Always look at the reviews of different exterminator companies. The best pest control services will have good customer reviews, which can be found a lot of review sites that are online. Check out what previous customers have thought about a company’s service, and check out how one company compares to other pest control services in Corpus Christi.

If you want a pest control company that professionally uses a power spray treatment, treats with granules, offers an in-wall treatment, and has awesome online reviews; look no further than Bulwark Exterminating! We provide great pest control in Corpus Christi so you’ll never be let down, no matter how many pests come at you. Contact us today for a free evaluation.