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This planet we live on has numerous types of living and breathing creatures on it. It is filled with many breeds of fish, birds and a number of land animals. Some are gigantic and some are tiny. Speaking of small, we have insects. For some reason humans are occasionally scared of insects. Which in some cases you should be scared, very scared.

There are hundreds of thousands of insects in this world. Some of these insects can in fact injure people and possibly even kill them. Here are four insects you should be fearful of.

Japanese Giant Hornets

The Japanese Giant Hornet is fairly small, and roughly the size of a thumb. You shouldn’t minimize this little fella because he releases highly strong toxin in its victim. The poison also incites the others to assault the unlucky victim. About fifty people a year die from this hornet’s venom. This hornet only attacks if it feels it is being endangered. So if I were you, keep your distance and don’t provoke this critter.

Puss Caterpillars

The Puss Caterpillar is located in North America and can be misunderstood by adults and little children. This little guy isn’t fatal but can inflict some serious pain on its victim. It appears so cute, cuddly and innocent with its fuzzy exterior, but don’t be bamboozled, this little guy has a hollow spine filled with painful toxin that is uses for preotection. If pain persist and proceeds all over the body, ask a doctor. Some physicians have a difficult time identifying this sting. So it is very complicated to diagnose and some have come close to death.

Kissing Bugs

Kissing Bugs get there name because they apt to bite their unconscious victim on the face, and commonly near the nose or mouth. They are usually found in America. It is also known as the Assassin Bug, which can have a n extremely painful bite. They can even transmit Chagas’ disease. Symptoms of this disease contain:

  • Vomiting
  • Fevers
  • And rashes

Most people don’t show evidence of Chagas disease for ten or twenty years. And by then it is tough for doctors to solve what’s going on and how to productively cure the disease.

African Ants

A colony of African Ants consists of twenty million ants. When hungry, the colony bond together and treks for food. They’ll overtake and annihilate whatever gets in their path. These little critters are terrifying and remarkable at the same time. The good news for people is we can typically see them approaching and manage to get out of the way. Elderly and little children are vulnerable to the bugs, since they can crawl inside their lungs and suffocate them.

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And if these insects were not terrifying enough and you believe you have a phobia of spiders(arachnophobia), check out our video, The Truth About Arachnophobia. So before you look beneath your blankets, mattress and sofa for spiders watch this educational video.