One of the worst things that can occur when you arrive back from vacation is finding out that you or someone in your family carried bed bugs to your home. These disgusting creepers don’t quite understand boundaries and enjoy making the time following your trip as stressful as possible. This is a circumstance you don’t ever want to find yourself in because even the first time bedbugs end up in your home, they’re hard to get rid of. The easiest way to avoid is to avoid getting bedbugs in the first place. You might doubt that it’s actually probable to control getting bedbugs- it is! Through this guide explaining how to best handle bedbugs, we explain what precautionary measures to take when going on vacation or trip, and how to best handle bags and other items while on a trip and when coming back.
Identifying Bed Bugs
It’s obvious that if you want to avoid getting bedbugs it is important to be able to identify them. If you can notice them in your room or on your luggage prior to your return back to your house, you will be able to terminate the bugs before even stepping foot back in your home. If trying to determine if there’s a bedbug infestation, you must search your hotel room. Search for bed bug feces- tiny dark flecks that kind of resemble like pepper. You should also search for the bugs themselves, which look like little, flat ellipses with a reddish-brown color, closely appearing like an apple seed with six legs.
Getting Ready
There are a few cautionary means you will want take to ensure the most efficient protection against bed bugs when going on a trip. First off, when it comes to the bags, the best thing to do is to take a hard-shell suitcase. These are more difficult for bugs to infiltrate. If a hard-shell suitcase is not something you have or are willing to buy, you should bring a collapsible one, because these are much easier to rinse out before returning home. So, if a few bed bugs have got in your luggage, you are able to wash them out, accompanying any eggs or feces that could have been left. Another way to stop bugs from sneaking inside of your belongings is to get a plastic bag to put your suitcase inside of during your trip. This may seem to be a pretty cautious measure, but better safe than sorry. Before you leave, you must take the time to check some reviews of any place that you are looking to stay at. Try to stay away from anyplace that has, despite how long ago.
Searching The Room

When you get to your room, you should examine thoroughly the room for habitation of bed bugs. Put your things in the lavatory as you search, because the bathroom is usually unoccupied by critters considering it is filled with smooth and slippery surfaces that don’t supply a conducive environment for the them to house. It’s important to pack a flashlight to use while inspecting the room. Really check the entirety of the space that you are staying. There are a few areas you need to remember to search include:

  • Head boards
  • Bed frames
  • Night stands
  • Dressers
  • Book shelves
  • Mattresses
  • Mattress creases
  • Curtains
  • Sheets and pillows
  • Items that have small crevices or openings (alarm clocks)
After the room has been cleared for bed bugs, you can take the luggage out. Still, be cautious and be sure not to place your bags on the ground in the room. You should try to be as cautious as you can in order to stop any bugs from creeping inside of your bags.
If you do find bed bugs in the room you are staying, you need to tell someone at once and look for a different place to stay.
Checking the Car
The room where you stay isn’t the only area that there might be bed bugs. Rental cars are known at times to be taken over by these gross insects. You should inspect the inside of the center counsel, trunk, back and front seats, and even inside of the tires to make sure that there are no bed bugs hiding inside. Nobody would like to get to a hotel and then see that they [already have bed bugs, and they’re the ones who have now brought them into the hotel. To prevent this it is incredibly important to thoroughly inspect your rental car before you put anything inside it.
Coming Home
Once you get back home a good idea is to act as if you have brought bugs back with you, just in case. This is a good preventive habit to get into, then if you ever do bring bed bugs to your house without realizing it, you are going to eliminate them and they won’t ever be a problem.
Before you go into your home you should look through your bugs. Check your suitcase by using a flashlight.

When you start to unpack, it’s important that you wash the entirety of your clothing in hot water, including anything you never wore. A time through a washing machine with hot water will eliminate any bed bugs that could have sneaked into your clothing during your trip.

If you make sure to follow this guide, you will eliminate the chance of getting home from a trip with bed bugs! For more information, or help with pest control and pest elimination, call Bulwark Exterminating at 361-887-8888 and you can be connected to an employee who would be happy to answer all of the questions that you have.